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Licensing & Litigation

With an expensive proposition of patent litigation in sight, it becomes extremely critical to evaluate strong cases and chalk out winning strategies. Inov8IQ understands the importance of focusing resources only on identifying and unearthing evidences for strong cases. The process involves identifying validity analysis of the patent and infringement and target scouting of products. These facts are then presented in front of you in the form of detailed analysis for you to decide whether to go ahead and pursue the matter or avoid it.

Our technical analysis includes 4-phased approach involving:

1. Patent Validity Analysis

2. Target Scouting

3. Detailed infringement and Claim Chart

4. Rule 11 Preliminary Infringement Contentions


Patentability | Invalidity | Freedom-to-Operate

Confronted with an infringement allegation, Inov8IQ helps you in identifying enough arsenal to defend in the form of strong §102 and §103 prior art references. With an overall experience of handling 200 plus invalidity studies, our underlying strength lies in conducting the analysis on diverse resources ranging from patent databases and non-patent journals, scientific literature, books, product literature and other online publications and uncovering strong prior arts. We just not restrict ourselves in understanding the claims but also focus on identifying claim limitations, patent prosecution history to evaluate how to proceed with the analysis.

We also help in identifying patents similar to the invention you want to patent and come up with a detailed analysis helping you to make the necessary tweaks and file for patent protection.


Patent Infringement | Rule 11 Charts | Source Code Forensics

By digging deep into the technology, we help you in gathering detailed evidences regarding the technology implemented in a product. We map patents to products and come up with detailed claim charts. Our engineers clearly exhibit how elements in a patent claim map to a particular technology. Further, we have in-house capability to analyze software source code to support complex technologies. Our analysis will also help you position stronger for licensing negotiations. We also analyze patents for acquisition or divestment


Infringement Contentions | Invalidity Contentions | Expert Technical Support

Inov8IQ works with you in providing you technical support at every phase of the patent litigation – be it a pre-litigation assessment or during preliminary infringement contentions or during expert reports drafting. With high stakes involved in patent litigation along with the high costs of conducting a trial, it becomes extremely critical that the whole process does not cost the client a fortune.Innov8IQ ensures that all the technical support is handled by their team and the end results are formulated in the form which the lawyers understand. Innov8 IQ helps in exhibiting technical infringement theories and often come up with multiple theories so that all grounds are covered.

With our innovative methods, we ensure that the client saves 50-65% of the litigation costs that are spent on conducting technical analysis.

Our team provides technical insights into –

1. Patent Invalidity Analysis

2. Patent Infringement Analysis meeting Rule 11 requirements

3. Preliminary Infringement Contentions

4. Supplemental Infringement Contentions

5. Invalidity Contentions and Contention Responses

6. Product Analysis and Tear-down

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