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Key Techniques around AI and Companies with most AI related patents

Number Crunching

Each and every one is aware of the fact how artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly driving important developments in technology and business. Be it in the field of predictive health diagnosis, autonomous vehicles to advanced manufacturing. AI is important and that’s why it lies at the core of Inov8IQ’s technology focused approach. With so much data processing involved in real life, dealing with data far and wide is critical. Detecting patterns among trillions of seemingly unrelated data points can improve numerous technology dependent things such as preemptive health issues such as cancer, forecasting hurricanes and its impact, predicting weather patterns to prepare for crop yields, predict an epidemic and improve industrial productivity.

Through this issue, Inov8IQ’s researchers analyzed patenting trends for various companies globally and have come up with two important statistics – which technologies are the most research and patent filing focused, and secondly top companies in the field of AI. The patent data is based on the analysis till June 30, 2019. So let’s get crunching, shall we?


We identified three most common AI techniques observed in our patent research. They were –

AI Techniques

Now, key application areas for these top 3 techniques were identified and here’s what we found –

  • Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, Speech Recognition are some of the top application areas for Machine Learning.

  • The logic programming however covers fields such as Big Data, combinatorial research, inductive analysis etc.

  • Fuzzy Logic covers fields such as Robotics, Industrial automation, image processing, facial recognition etc.


Most Patents in AI by Companies

*the data has been gathered running important keywords on Derwent Innovation patent database. 100% accuracy may not be possible.


Our analysis made us conclude that out of the top 10 AI companies, five were US companies, two were Japanese, and one each of the German, Dutch and Korean.

Further, most patent applications have a commercial application focus as indicated above. We identified close to 25 fields/industry sectors that these patent documents refer to, ranging from health and medical sciences to entertainment, education to banking, indicating that sectors across the board are exploring the application of AI technologies.

The fields with the most patent applications are the ones which we have already started to witness around us such as telematics, transportation, including autonomous vehicles, drones and airplanes, or healthcare of biotechnology sciences with applications such as collection of medical data and related medical diagnostics and predictions.

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