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Facebook has been granted an AI based Social shadow banning mechanism

Patent Stalker

In a bid to regain trust amongst billion users, Facebook has come up with an artificial intelligence mechanism which results in shadow banning of offensive phrases or content. Last week, Facebook was granted a patent, which talks about proscribing or prohibiting a content by parsing through the user’s content through the AI and moderating it without the user’s knowledge.

Facebook has always categorically denied the use of shadow banning as they below in freedom of speech, however, off late with so much controversy involving Facebook being used as a platform for spreading fake news and videos, it comes as no surprise that the company is putting certain measures in place to tackle the proscribed content to avoid government fallout.

In essence, the patent talks about a method that would allow restricting the number of people viewing the proscribed content. Basically, using this method, the blocked comments are not displayed to the forum users. However, to the commenting user, the comments may still be viewable so that the offending user may not be aware that his or her comment is not displayed to other users of the forum.

This hopefully gives Facebook moderators an added tool to put a leash on the offensive content.

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